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   Kayak Plans
   Rudder Plans, Kits and Footbraces
   Stitch and Glue Kits (see Web Store for pricing)
   Minicel foam
   Router Bits (bead and cove)

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Kayak Plans

Plans Package (with manual) Price (US $)
Cape Ann Double $120
Cape Ann Expedition $105
Cape Ann  $105
Cape Ann Storm $105
Cirrus (Stitch & Glue) $105
Cirrus LT (Stitch & Glue) $105
Cirrus SLT (Stitch & Glue) $105
Cirrus Hybrid (Plywood hull- Strip deck) $105
Cirrus LT Hybrid (Plywood hull- Strip deck) $105
Cape Ann HV $105
Expedition Sport $100
Storm LT $100
Storm SLT - smallest kayak $98
Strip Building Manual only $20
Stich & Glue Manual only $20
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Plans (manual not included) Price (US $)
Cape Ann Double $100
Cape Ann Expedition $85
Cape Ann  $85
Cape Ann Storm $85
Cirrus (Stitch & Glue) $85
CirrusLT (Stitch & Glue) $85
CirrusSLT (Stitch & Glue) $85
Cirrus Hybrid (Plywood hull - Strip deck) $85
Cirrus LT Hybrid (Plywood hull- Strip deck) $85
Cape Ann HV $85
Expedition Sport $80
Storm LT $80
Storm SLT $78
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Rudder Materials
Rudder Planscomplete full size rudder templates$25
Rudder Mechanism KITincludes plans, mechanism hardware, cable kit$69
KIT without cable kitplans, hardware$49
KIT with Yakimasplans, hardware, cable kit and Yakima footbraces$102
Yakima foot bracesset includes plastic tracks and screws$39
Rudder Cable Kittwo 10' (3,04m) lengths of stainless steel cable, two 7' (2,13m) lengths of cable guide, 4 caps and 4 ferrules$29
Item Size (diameter) $ / ft  (US$)
Stainless cable1/16" (~2 mm diameter)$0.50
Lined cable housing3/16"+ (~5 mm diameter)$2
Ferrules and Caps $0.25 / each
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Minicel foam & Router Bits

Foam description / properties
Thickness (in) Sizes (in) Metric (cm) Price (US $) Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Comments
5/8" 20" x 24" 1.58 x 50.8 x 60.9 $15,- 0.65 0.3 L200 type
5/8" 24" x 24" 1.58 x 60.9 x 60.9 $18,- 0.79 0.35 L200
7/8"+ 24" x 24" 2.22 x 60.9 x 60.9 $20,- 1.01 0.45 L200
3.5"+ 6" x 20" 8.89 x 15.24 x 60.9 $9,- 0.92 0.43 M200 (when available)
3.5"+ 12" x 20" 8.89 x 30.48 x 60.9 $18,- 1.84 0.86 M200 (when available)
3.5"+ 20" x 24" 8.89 x 50.8 x 60.9 $37,- 3.68 1.67 M200 (carving)

Bead & Flute router bits for kayak stripsPrice (US$)
1/8" radius bead and cove with 1/4" shank$41
1/8" radius bead and cove with 1/2" shank$40
Shipping & Handling | Payment Options

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Size (in) Size (cm)Price (US$)
3/4" x 2.5" x 3"1,9 x 6,4 x 7,6 $5
other sizes e-mail for custom sizes
Shipping & Handling | Payment Options
  • Minimum order $10
  • For other sizes or special orders email


Shipping & Handling

Use this table to calculate shipping and handling cost.
Read about Shipping options

ItemUS Mail
(2-3 days)
Express Mail
(US only)

(next day)
(Air no tracking)
Global Priority
Kayak Plans package$10$36$17$25$36
Rudder Plans$6$18$8$16$24
Router bits$6$18$12$16$24
UHMW-PE blocks$5$17$8$12$13
Rudder KIT (+/- cable)$9$28$12$24$33
Rudder KIT with foot braces$14$36$22$31$43
Yakima foot braces$9$21$13$24$33
Rudder Cable Kit$5$20$8$11$12
Minicel foam     
5/8" $9$32$16NA$30
  • Read about all Shipping options
  • All prices and Shipping & Handling are in US dollars.
  • Packages are assembled and shipped within 1 to 3 days.
Deliveries cannot be made without correct 'Shipping & Handling' (S&H)

If you are ordering multiple items, apply S&H to every item separately.

Example: If you are ordering one Plans package and one block of Minicel (3"x24"x24") and the order is sent to Canada, the shipping charge will be $16+$13=$29 total.
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Payment options

Order by Credit Card
Credit Cards accepted:   American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club, Eurocard.

Order on-line with credit cardon-line (real time)fastest method 24/7/365 (Secure SSL orders)
see prices and shipping cost for all products here
Personal Checkpostal mailOrders are shipped as soon as check clears.
Certified Checkpostal mailThis check can be issued by your bank.
International Money Order or Postal Order postal mailMoney orders are available in any bank or post office.
Cashpostal mailShould be insured and sent by registered mail.
Order form with Credit cardpostal mail Printable order form sent by mail
Credit card by PhonePHONE 781 481 9261

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