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One Ocean Kayaks plans are a product of professional CAD and Hull Design software, years of experience, prototype testing and hundreds of hours of computer time. With the exception of marking the station distances on the 'spine' you will NOT be measuring ANYTHING. These plans are designed so that you can have all forms precisely cut in about two hours and begin with your kayak construction.

  • All stations, hatches, cockpit cutouts even hip (butt) plates are plotted full size. Special instructions relating to individual forms, the mold assembly and stations layout are included to eliminate guessing and assumptions. All drawings are on D size paper (2ft x 3ft) (61 x 91,5 cm) and are printed to an accuracy of 0.005in. You will not find a more thorough and accurate kayak plans, guaranteed!

  • Kayak plans include drawings with four scaled views (top-plan, side, front-body plan and perspective) including a full size front view with an illustration of the mold assembly.
    The scaled views are used to locate bulkheads, hatches and cockpit cutouts and will provide you with a visual reference throughout the construction. This is important for there is no guessing about what goes where and what is what.

  • The full size body plan is mainly for alignment reference you can also use it in an emergency to retrace any station shape. (Except the bow and stern). This means you have a back-up if you make a mistake!

  • Plans have two to three cockpit shapes and sizes so that you can choose your best fit. I also custom alter the shape or size of the template per your specifications and request for FREE!

  • You will be wasting NO time converting English measurements to Metric units. All important dimensions in One Ocean Kayak plans have METRIC equivalent for those who have never heard of feet and inches!
Wanted to complement you on the drawings for your Expedition model, extremely well done and accurate. Sure helps to have good info.....put stations on the spine last night and was so impressed that I had to let you know. Boat has real nice lines, can't wait to paddle..... thank you. - Bruce Crosby

I received the plans on Friday and have been drooling ever since. These are beautifully drawn plans. Thank you. - Roy Morford / Canada (Expedition)

Thank you for the prompt service. Excellent quality of drawings and book. - Roger Martin / New Zealand (Expedition)

I got the plans the other day and they are great!!! Very understandable and I love the colors! Great product and I can't wait to start building. Thanks for all of your help. - Tom Palmer /South Corea

Thanks a lot for sending the plans so rapidly, I already received them a couple of days ago. They really look very good! My expectations were high but what I received was absolutely excellent. I have good faith that the building is going to be a very enjoyable experiance and of course successful. - Paul van der Veen /The Netherlands

 D size Color Plotter

Forget crawling on your knees lofting with splines or transferring a table of offsets from cheap building plans and blueprints.

Working with full scale printed plans is a much faster and accurate way to build wooden kayaks like these.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of 'plans' out there are just 'copies of copies of copies'. Blueprinting and copying is notoriously inaccurate. It may be good enough for architectural purposes but not for building precise forms for kayaks where the accuracy of one millimeter makes a difference between a fair and bumpy hull! Many designers simply entrust their plans to repro-graphic companies who really don't pay much attention to calibration of the equipment and some forms of copying are not even suitable for precise reproduction.
I am well aware of this problem and that is why EVERY set of plans is an 'original', created and plotted on top notch equipment.

I addition to accurate printing, One Ocean Kayaks plans are also plotted in full COLOR. There is NO confusion about which line is which and what to cut. First time builders as well as experienced pros will find orientation a snap!

OCEAN  KAYAK- built the cedar strip way

All Kayak plans packages are accompanied by a comprehensive and heavily illustrated Kayak Building Manual that picks up where the plans leave off. It covers every aspect of construction including techniques for graphite cockpit coaming and composite gasket channels for flush hatches.

For those who have done this type of construction before, the plans alone are sufficient. For new builders, I recommend that the Kayak Building manual is their main guide throughout the entire project.



  •  Kayak Plans - precise, full size forms plotted in COLOR
  •  Building Manual - with all color photos and CAD drawings
  •  Hydrostatics and all technical data relating to the kayak model
  •  Span strips dimensions- used for precise matching of hull and deck
  •  Coaming mold- A Minicel band to create low profile carbon coaming

    Guaranteed Builder Support - If for some reason you find an obstacle that the plans or manual do not address, do not hesitate to contact me. I am as excited to see my kayaks in action as you will be when you hit the Ocean surf or your favorite launch spot.

    Builders' Pages - bonus pages with lots of detailed, high quality images of Graphite coaming construction, helpful tricks and other building tasks.

       Satisfaction guaranteed !

I decided to include the Minicel band for it is the ideal material to build a fair coaming mold. I use the same Minicel foam for kayak seats, bulkheads, padding and car top cradles.
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Can't decide whether to take up strip building or are just curious about the technique? Order the Building Manual separately and if you then decide to get the plans package, select the lower price version of plans. ( Marked 'without manual' on the on-line order page)

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