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Some builders prefer to build kayaks from plans, others would rather skip some of the prep work and dive right into the fun of kayak construction with a ready made plywood kit. The objective of One Ocean Kayaks stitch and glue kits is to make building your plywood kayak really easy, quick and having great fun doing it. Best of all, you will own the ultimate performance stitch and glue kayak design that you can possibly build from a kit.

MadVac CNC -> All plywood kits are made on high precision CNC machine with repeatable accuracy of 0.0005" (1/5 of the thickness of human hair!)
kayak kit manufacturing on precision MadVac CNC machine
Introducing the "Stitch and Glue" and "Hybrid" kit.

It has been a long time of anticipation and much inquiry from builders about kits, fortunately "Stitch & Glue" kits and Hybrid kits are now available. As much as I wanted to have the plywood kayaks available to builders in a kit form early on, I could not envision any kits made by third parties due to manufacturing compromises, refinement difficulties and principally because quality control ends up in places whose sole objective is to "crank'em out". It is a fact of life that with a few rare exceptions all other smaller designers' kayak kits are simply "farmed out" and it shows.

By contrast, at One Ocean Kayaks it is all about making the best quality kayaks and "assembly ready" kits so everything from kayak design, prototyping, technical support, engineering and manufacturing of kits and of course, comprehensive quality control, all happens under "one roof". Demanding a refined, top notch kayaks, I would not have it any other way.
So, if you are short on shop space, would feel more confident with the parts "ready to go" or do not have easy access to materials, now you can build your fast plywood or hybrid kayak from a kit. Here's what comes standard with your One Ocean Kayaks stitch and glue kit.

 Quality of materials: All plywood and wood components in the kayak kit are of A grade quality. This means Okoume BS1088 marine plywood for hull, deck, bulkheads, buttplates etc.. Due to the availability of other excellent quality veneer plywood, this will also be a choice for decks like I use in my own kayaks. Learn more about marine plywood.

 Precision cut plates and scarfs: One Ocean Kayaks kits are manufactured on the highest precision CNC machine for woodworking. While others boast of 0.004 or 0.005" accuracy, my MadVac CNC is 10 times more accurate to 0.0005". Not only can it cut perfect kayak plates and scarfs like ScarfLOCK, it also machines full 3D parts such as this aluminum injection mold. (rudder foil). Rest assured you will have the most accurate kayak kit in existence!

 ALL wire hole predrilled: Some of the kit manufacturers expect you to pre-drill hundreds of wire holes in their kits. Well, who wants to mess with that if you can have your kit all pre-drilled and ready to go. The Cirrus kit alone has 992 predrilled holes . Now that is some labor saver! Your kayak plates will all be wired together while "some others" will be on the phone asking "how bad it is" when the holes are drilled in a wrong place :)

 Accurate setup: I like to build my kayaks quickly, efficiently but with precision and that is how I engineer the kit so that you can do the same. Unlike the competitors' kits, One Ocean stitch and glue kayaks are built on an accurate solid foundation with sufficient number of forms to give the hull optimal hull shape for top performance. There will be no struggle with twisting half baked kits on your table or fighting to keep the scarfs aligned. I guarantee you that you will end up with a nicely symmetrical hull built to specs, every time. Also, you will not waste time on dealing with redundant add-ons like sheer clamps, permanent deck bending forms, stems or rub rails. One Ocean high performance monocoque strip or plywood designs do not need them. See the step by step construction of the plywood kayak. Learn more about monocoque sandwich cores.

 Easy to work with:
The difficulty in boat building or in a kayak kit construction is most related to the integrity of the foundation on which you build and also the preparation (like the saying goes: "Preparation is half the battle"). Well, most of the prep work has been done for you. All kayak panels are perfectly precut with all wire holes drilled and matching across plates. The wire holes also create vertical reference planes (stations) every 6 inches along the length of the kayak, so you can easily identify where to locate cockpit, footbraces, bulkheads, seats, well you get point... All stations and plates are identified with removable marks and all stations feature permanently machined alignment lines so you know quickly which end is which and what plate is what. The kit also features a totally unique self-aligning and self-locking ScarfLOCK plate joints. No other kits can be fully scarfed only a few hours after you unpack the kit and have the whole kayak wired together over the next day or two! In short, you will have the kit "stitched and glued" into a kayak in little time even if you have never built anything like this before!

 Customization of Kit Contents: Unlike the competition, which offers a "package" of stuff whether you need it all or not, One Ocean kits come only with the parts you select and if you want to substitute normal deck plates for example with nicer Ribbon Sapele, it can be done. If you want "this" and don't want "that", no problem. All kits are custom packaged.

 Personal technical support:
What are your chances of reaching the president or the kayak designer from a "XYZ cookie cutter kit corporation"? What about help on weekends and after hours?
At One Ocean Kayaks you will get answers from the designer (and president) who knows the materials and designs as well as every step of the building process, and yes, support is on weekends too!

 High performance kayak designs:
Finally, the most important point of the kit - you will own a top notch kayak with "kick butt" performance and handling. One Ocean Kayaks designs are the culmination of many years personal experience in competition hulls, racing shell production and mechanical engineering background. Why settle for some "all sizzle, no steak" plywood tub? Life is too short to paddle an ugly kayak so build and paddle the best - One Ocean Kayaks designs.


What comes in the Kayak kit.

The objective of the kit is to provide you with all the fundamental wood components that make up the kayak. The kayak parts are exactly what you would see in the S&G kayak plans.

Stitch & Glue KIT Contents:
  • Building forms (stations) - all hull and deck cradles as well as the internal forms. Forms are predrilled and feature CNC routed alignment and register lines. All stations have identification stickers.
  • Precut hull and deck plates for the entire kayak with all wiring holes predrilled and featuring precise ScarfLOCK panel joints. All plate sections have identification stickers too so you know where they belong.
  • Bulkheads - precut 1/4" BS1088 Marine plywood compartment partitions for the kayak.
  • Vertical cockpit Coaming Rim - Extremely bendable 3mm Italian poplar serves as a foundation for the carbon composite coaming or other wood versions thereof.
  • Hip (butt) Plates - 1/4" marine plywood, fully precut hip and backrest support plates with slots cut out and ready for backrest strapping.
  • Plywood Backrest blank - a 9"x20" sheet of 3mm Italian poplar to make backrest.
  • Kit Plans and minicel coaming mold - Modified version of the full S&G plans to aid in orientation and kayak mold setup. Minicel strip is for building composite coaming.
  • Stitch and Glue Manual
  • Stitch and Glue Kit orientation sheet - This document will help you to make sense of the kit contents as you unpack it and to organize the components for quick assembly.
  • Plywood scraps from kit production. These are great to have for experiments with filler colors, epoxy and fiberglass application if you never worked with epoxy. The scraps are the exact same stuff as the kayak plates so you will see what it would look like in the kayak.
Basic Hybrid KIT Contents:
  • Same as the Stitch & Glue kit except the plywood deck plates. Deck strips are not included.
  • The Hybrid kit contains almost twice as many stations to maintain station spacing of 12" or less like in the strip kayaks. Also, there is a spine and bow and stern stations.

What about epoxy and glass? The epoxy and fiberglass components are currently not included in the kit as they are commonly available and easy to get on-line from many sources. The amount of composite materials needed for each kayak model is shown in the "material" section of the kayak's technical specs such as the Cirrus. See tools and consumables used in the construction of the plywood kayaks.
What about deck hardware etc..? Deck hardware which is offered by others is an aesthetic call and I will leave it to you. You can make a nicer hardware set yourself instead using the low cost items sent with other kits. What about mixing sticks, syringes, latex gloves etc..? Yes, other kits offer them too but when builders run out half way through their project, they are running to the hardware store anyway so buy them cheaper and as much as you need locally.
What about Footbaces, foam for seat, wire etc.. You can add these as an option to the kit
when ordering.

Basic KIT wood components

Available Kayak Kits. (If it is not listed here, it is not available yet)

- See Cirrus description, the technical specs, my picture gallery or other builders' Cirruses.

Cirrus LT - See LT description, the technical specs or other builders' CirrusLT's.

(NEW) Cirrus SLT - See the Cirrus SLT technical specs .

Cirrus Hybrid- See technical specs

Cirrus LT Hybrid- See technical specs

Prices and Ordering.

To order or pricing information: See the One Ocean Kayaks Web Store KIT section for all available kit component options.
FAQ: What other supplies and tools are needed and what is the total cost of the project?

Packaging and Shipping.

Packaging - The kits are generally shipped in
two boxes. The kayak plates are suspended in protective box with plywood reinforcement. The box is 5" x 12" x 96". The kit stations are packed in a large 20" x 26" x 12" cardboard box.

Shipping - All US orders are sent by UPS ground. Packages take about two days to prepare and ship.

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