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  Cape Ann Storm  - click for technical specs

Welcome to the One Ocean Kayaks designs gallery.
If you are looking for inspiration to build your own high performance wooden sea kayak, you have come to the right place! There are few words to describe the thrill and pride when you push off a sandy beach on a warm spring day in a craft you built with your own hands. In a few minutes, the drone of civilization fades away and you become immersed in the sounds of the surrounding wilderness, gliding on top of waves to explore some distant island. This is not a dream but a simple fact of creating your easy to build, low cost, top notch sea kayak!
It may not seem it, but there is very little to it. The plans give the kayak the form and performance, the wood gives it its rich color, the varnish lends it its gloss and you breathe into it some of your spirit.
You can build it as plain or as intricate as you like and the result will be just like the kayaks you see here...

Click any thumbnail picture to see the full size photo.
More pictures of kayaks are in Gallery 2 . See also the all plywood Cirrus and the NEW Builders' Gallery

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Cape Ann Double

Cape Ann Storm

Cape Ann

Cape Ann Storm
(technical specs.)

Cape Ann Expedition
(technical specs.)

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