Stich and Glue Kayak Manual

This stitch and glue manual was written as a companion guide for the Cirrus "Sitch & Glue" kayak as well as a general reference for plywood kayak construction. Full of illustrations, comprehensive step by step instructions and detailed "How to" tips, this manual will help anyone with little wood working experience to 'stitch' their plywood kayak together quickly and accurately.

Stich and Glue Manual

Stitch & Glue SEA KAYAK
Building your own plywood kayak - A "How to" guide for amateur builders

Over 170 color photos with CAD drawings and 39 pages of instructions will take you on a tour from the basics of what to look for in plywood and how to join larger sheets together (scarfing) to working with plans and precise kayak building all the way to varnishing.
    Manual content overview:

  •  Efficient shop setup.
  •  What to look for in plywood.
  •  Building a scarfing jig and joining plywood sheets together.
  •  Working with kayak plans and accurate transfer of kayak plates to  plywood.
  •  Arrangement options of plates on plywood.
  •  Set up of precise cradle and station foundation to guarantee straight and accurate kayak regardless of the builders' skill.
  •  Wiring (stitching) of hull and deck plates.
  •  Filletting of inside and outside seams (gluing).
  •  Epoxy & Fiberglassing.
  •  Cockpit & coaming construction.
  •  Hip plates, foam seat, backrest, footbraces installation.
  •  Flush & watertight hatch building.
  •  Bulkheads.
  •  Varnishing.
  •  Estimating Material.
  •  Material sources.
     And much more...
Stitch & Glue plans | Cirrus photo gallery | All plywood kayak models

Whether you are considering building one of the Cirrus kayaks or trying to compare building methods with other kayak brands or are simply curious about some of the new techniques, this Manual is for YOU!
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Have fun building your top notch plywood kayak!

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